We are committed to providing outstanding and timely services to all of our customers.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us:

"...I told them what I was expecting to pay for a repair and they were $300 under that so clearly they don't over charge. They're super friendly and knowledgeable."

- S.L.

"I have been going to Wetmore for servicing my cars since 1979. They do excellent and honest work. They do not do "cheap, do not compromise their quality nor reliability. They always look for the best solution for your service need. Once, they were not able to solve my problem and they would not charge me anything, in spite of their spending hours looking at possible solutions. They understand that they have your vehicle and your financial interest at heart. Completely trustworthy."

- G.Q.

"Wetmore has been my shop for years and I am reminded often why I continue to get me vehicle serviced by them. They are always honest and fair. They don't do service that isn't necessary and they spend lots of time assessing before they get to work. Strongly recommended!"

- P.M.

"Excellent service. If you live in Squamish they will take your car to North Vancouver for servicing. They never over charge, and are fair and honest."

"I have been going to these guys for over 10 years for service and not once have they tried a "fast one". Quality work and trustworthy. Without question, I would recommend Wetmore motors."

- T.G.


"I needed my battery replaced. I called them to see if they could do it right away and they managed to fit me in. Exceptionally quick and friendly service!"

- T.R